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Modular By Design

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Providing Comfort and Safety To Your Patrons



Modular By Design is a creative team of innovative experts committed to helping businesses succeed through the challenges of covid-19.  We offer an all inclusive service providing layout design, assembly and installation of customizable glass enclosures to provide comfort to your patrons during the winter months.  Get in touch to find out about our specific services.

Winter Plush Series

Designed specifically to support businesses during the cold winter months and the added complexity of covid-19, The Winter Plush Series will provide warmth and safety to your patrons

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Summer Bliss Series

At Modular By Design, we’re free enough to challenge what’s expected, and bold enough to conjure up something new. With the Summer Bliss Series we can transition your winter patio into a summer oasis.  Call us today to book a consultation.

Private Dining Series

When your customers are ready to come back and enjoy your restaurant be sure to offer the sense of safety and security with private dining spaces

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Toronto Office: 1591 Dufferin St
Barrie Office: 5 Dunlop St E


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